West Chester Home Maintenance and Small Projects

Dedicated Services for Existing Customers

Hazley Builders Home Services

The Home Services Division of Hazley Builders is an exciting offering for Hazley Builder clients only and offers two distinct services for home projects and caring for your home.

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Home Maintenance

Let Hazley Builders take care of your home when you can’t! This custom service is designed to assist with your home maintenance when you are not able to. Long term or short term, whether you are out of town or off your feet, we have technicians available to maintain your property and ease your mind. 

For long term contracts, our team will complete recurring site visits on an agreed upon schedule and walk the entire property – inside and out.  We will check for water leaks and property damage, keep your security system functional, monitor the homes temperature control, check for beehive and pest issues, observe rainwater runoff/keep downspouts clear and flowing away from the foundation, make maintenance recommendations, receive packages, meet client agents on demand, and inspect property after any significant weather event.

Home Project

The Hazley Builders Service & Warranty Department delivers rapid, on‐demand exceptional results and outcomes for current and new customers in their need for limited scale, short duration construction work typically involving minor building repairs & refinishing, in‐kind furnishing & fixture replacement, building envelope renewal/remediation, regular & deferred maintenance planning and execution and support for all external trades replacing major building systems, infrastructure in our clients’ homes & buildings.

Services Include:

  • • Selective demolition, waste hauling & management, clean up

  • • Rough and finish carpentry work

  • • Wallboard and ceiling repair, replacement & refinishing.

  • • Interior door & trim repair, replacement & refinishing.

  • • Door, window, skylight & louver repair, maintenance & replacement

  • • Roof & building envelope component repair, replacement, and maintenance.

  • • Floor & wall finish repair, replacement & renewal

  • • Cabinetry & built in furnishings repair, replacement & renewal.

  • • Plumbing & electrical fixture repair, replacement & maintenance.

  • • General labor, tools, equipment & materials to support the major trades replacing major systems.

  • • Warranty service for current and former Hazley Builders clients

  • • Perpetual maintenance & upkeep for all Hazley Builders real estate assets

Why Hazley Service & Warranty Department?

Hazley Construction will be able to achieve success by offering the following competitive advantages:

  • • Rapid response, effective project planning & execution, clear, predictable, timely & exceptional results. All delivered on schedule

  • • Accurate cost estimation & fair, competitive, all‐inclusive pricing.

  • • Extensive industry experience & often using in‐house craftsmen to ensure a top quality result.

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