West Chester Custom Home Renovation Design & Build Process

What is Design + Build?

In the design+build process, both the design services and the build services are delivered by one company. Hazley Builders is solely responsible for your project. We are proud to employ skilled and talented in-house architects, designers, estimators, project managers, carpenters, and a trusted network of specialized subcontractors. These experts work as a team on your project from beginning to end. It’s a more efficient system that saves you time, money and stress because the design-build company is the single point of contact.

With our team approach, the collaborative process never stops and all challenges are easily and efficiently addressed, leading to streamlined approach to problem solving and innovation. At Hazley Builders, we are a single team with a unified goal.

With a traditional project delivery, a client will sign independent contracts with an Architect, Designer, and a Builder. Having to juggle separate contracts, schedules, and philosophies is an enormous undertaking for a homeowner that is often fraught with issues that are much more likely to be delayed and over-budget. 

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Design-Build Advantages


Higher Quality of Work

When you choose a Design+Build firm at the start of your project, you are basing your decision on qualifications, reputation, and quality - not price. Hazley Builders tackles each project with the goal of exceeding all expectations instead of striving to meet minimum requirement.

100% of surveyed Hazley clients report being satisfied with our "Expertise" and that our work is "Done Right." 98% are satisfied with our "Quality of Workmanship." 

Quicker Build Schedules That Are On Time

Hazley Builders' comprehensive design process clearly addresses each and every stage of the build in painstaking detail.  Our detailed design-phase inspections and out-of-the-box thinking  produces a final design package that covers every detail of the build with clarity and precision. This leads to significantly fewer surprises during construction, and helps us finish projects faster and stay on time.

98% of surveyed Hazley clients report being satisfied with their project's "Value." 

Projects That Stay On Budget

Hazley Builder's meticulous design process shifts detailed cost estimating to the early design phase, which leads to a more reliable budget. Collaborating early and often allows our team members to voice concerns, identify issues, and share suggestions while still in the conceptual phase. By the time the design package is finalized we have a crystal clear picture of the costs, which allows us to build your project on budget. 

98% of surveyed Hazley clients report being satisfied by their project's "Schedule." 

The Hazley Builders Process for Home Renovations & Additions


Design Process

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Step 1 - Design Team Introduction

Meet with the Hazley Design team to discuss your project, vision, style, and goals so we can create a custom plan that's perfect for you. Don't forget your Pinterest and Instagram inspiration!


Step 2 - Design Development

After getting detailed measurements of your project space, our Architect will create "As-built" plans. We will then create at least two schematic plans of the proposed space for review.

This is where we figure out how to build your project and evaluate all areas of your home that may be affected by the proposed changes (collateral impact). 


Step 3 - Project Assembly

Our estimator will use your "As-built" plans and developmental drawings to create a framework of your project by preparing bid packages and conducting multiple trade visits in your home to review project scope and identify any further collateral impact, if any.

With your unique style, inspiration, and budget in mind, our Designer will present your selections and review custom options for cabinetry, appliances, countertops, flooring, lighting & plumbing fixtures, exterior options and more!

Lastly, our Estimator begins to finalize the project pricing by assembling all estimates and bids from vendors and trade partners.


Step 4 - Project Presentation

The final design package is assembled and presented for review and includes the full scope of work, selections package, and a full set of architectural drawings.




Build Process

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Step 1 - pre-Production

Your project is handed off from design to production. Your Project Manager will review the construction process and what to expect during the build phase.  Permits are being filed during this time and all crucial materials are being ordered. A detailed project and draw schedule is created.


Step 2 - Build

This is the moment you have been waiting for! The actual construction phase begins with demo of your existing space. Our meticulous design process enables us to efficiently build your project on time and on budget.


Step 3 - Completion & Warranty

Your project is considered complete at the final inspection for use and occupancy (U&O). We will complete a detailed walkthrough with our Project Manager and Sales Rep to ensure your complete satisfaction has been met. Your warranty is activated at this time.  Congratulations!

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