The Core Values of Hazley Builders

Our mission and following core values are a timeless set of guiding principles that define our company culture and the behaviors we expect from each other. 



Improving client's homes and lives, all while providing our team members with opportunities to sustain professional growth and generational prosperity. 

Our Core Values

Core value #1


We are committed to our people, our clients, trade partners, and vendors. We strive to go above our client's expectations and when those expectations are not met, we use this as an opportunity for growth.


Core value #2


We want to leave the client better than when we first arrived. Sacrificing time and personal agenda to better the team around you, we pay it forward with our teams, on our projects and to our our clients. 


Core value #3


We strive to take action, even it's difficult or uncomfortable. We aim to make our systems and processes better by learning from each project and implementing continuous improvement. 


Core value #4

Humbly Confident

Listening to what is important and why for our clients, and focusing on what we do well at Hazley Builders. We act with assurance, not arrogance, in developing solutions for our clients and their projects. 


Core value #5


It's what we do when no one is looking that matters most. Taking accountability for our actions and fixing the problem when it occurs.